Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I have taken quite a blogging break and it was all my camera's fault. There were things I wanted to post about, but wanted a picture to go with them.

Yesterday, my dear hubby supplied me with the cord I needed to import pictures directly from my camera to my Macbook (I was having to go about it in a quite complicated way before, involving multiple computers. No more!).

And, this morning, I FINALLY figured out how to turn the flash off on my camera. The manual is MIA, and I am not the most tech savvy. So, now that those obstacles are out of the way, I am looking forward to blogging again.

This is just a little trial run, to see if the pictures look any better without the flash, and to make sure that I can actually get them to upload!

Around my house this morning...

CHRISTMAS TREE: My tree won't be gracing the pages of Southern Living any time soon, but it makes me very happy. Both Matt's mom and mine gave us each an ornament every year when we were growing up, so all those are on our tree. We were married around Christmas time, so some ladies at our church threw us an ornament shower. Those are on there as well. This year, the tree was decorated almost completely by my husband and boys. I handed them ornaments and did other decorating around the room. I think they did a great job!

VIEW TO OUR BEDROOM: From the living room, through the foyer. I love this view.

MASTER BEDROOM: This is from the armchair in the corner of our bedroom where I sit to read. Our bedroom is the brightest room in the house, as well as the cleanest and the quietest (the children do not play in our room). The wall color is much lighter than this, closer to the color in the last picture.

CHILDREN'S TABLE: I love seeing little hints around the house that children live here, and I love this little spot of theirs. The artwork rotates. Three little chairs for three little boys.

OTHER SIGNS OF CHILDREN: Little shoes on the stair steps

THE BOYS ROOM: Seeing three little beds in a row (especially with little boys sleeping in them!) brings me immense amounts of mama happiness. I am hoping to get all the beds painted this month (pale blue) and coverlets made in January (natural cotton duck and ticking).

BOY'S TREE: Small tree in the boys room.

PEEK TO THE NURSERY: From the boy's bedroom door, down the small hallway. I love the "tucked under the eaves" feeling of the upstairs bedrooms. So cozy.


  1. Your home is so welcoming and lovely...I felt it the moment I walked through your door! :) It's your trees. The photo cluster is so perfect too!

  2. love your home warm and comfy looking like a good quilt :)

  3. Was there any hint in this post? 3 boys sleeping in beds AND a nursery???? had to ask... :)

  4. Laurel, I LOVE the 3 little beds lined up in a row!

  5. Thank you, Sara and Aimee for your sweet comments. Sara, that photo wall used to be floor to ceiling...these are the only ones that have survived the boys!! LOL

    Nope, Becky, no hints. Bauer is still in the nursery, but will move to the big boys room (and to bed #3) probably next summer. We are ready for #4 though!! Just waiting on you, dear friend with the parallel life! :)

  6. Thank you, Meredith!!!
    It is a big room, with plenty of room to do that. I figure, if we have several more boys, we can replace the twin beds with three sets of bunks! LOL

  7. I need to come visit and have some of your homes tranquility rub off on me. So warm and peaceful.

    Thanks for sharing! Love the pictures.

  8. hey! that's the first time I've seen the finished beds lined up! Looks awesome and I love the lanterns on their nightstands. Very manly :) You looked great at the shower. Sorry I was distracted :(

  9. Your home is really lovely with warm, personal touches everywhere. I like best how your children are a part of your design completely. A lot of folks around here prefer showy furniture and roped off rooms to home made art. My husband and I don't fit this set.

    May I ask where you found the children's beds? My daughter is ready for a bed and we've been searching.

  10. So cozy! That upstairs blue room was always my favorite. And I miss all the closets although, from the exterior perspective, I always wanted to see dormer windows in that hallway space. Funny how some houses always look homey!

  11. Here's a photo tutorial: Some of your pics shooting into the bright light look washed out. You can edit that out by enhancing your photos using Iphoto or Kodak EasyShare. The rest look good, and your house is so clean! Way to go, Laurel.

  12. I love the pictures of your home... a sweet, peaceful home it is. :)

  13. Your home looks stylish yet homey and family oriented. I love it. The three little beds are priceless!

  14. Laurel, I thoroughly enjoyed this tour of your home. I see you have picked up your mom's way of clustering photos and other wall-hangings, and I like that. I also like your chenille (or something like it) bedspread.

  15. i'd love to see more photos of your house! i'd love to see the outside of the house and the kitchen too. homes say so much about a person. i absolutely adore the boys' room!