Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Right Now, I am:

feeling...surprised and impressed. Mom is giving me the quilt!

enjoying...the early mornings. I have started getting up before the children to pray, read, and run.

wondering...about the complexities of a mother's love. I am over-the-moon for these three little boys, yet, I am struggling to even speak a sentence kindly. How can it be so overwhelmingly wonderful and hard at the same time? my children jumping on the couch and yelling.

drinking...H2O. Letting the ice melt to just the right consistency, then crunching away. Ever crunched on melting ice in a hot shower? Bliss. be productive today, but in a calm, happy way. I want to putter around the house, making a pot of vegetable soup, getting things done, reading to the boys, giggling and laughing and being content.

loving...This season of Project Runway. Finale tonight!

looking...forward to this afternoon when my mom keeps the boys for three hours and I can do whatever I wish. Today: catching up on work, cleaning, errands. It will be nice to do the necessary surrounded by quiet.

Thanks, Soulemama, for the inspiration.


  1. Yay Project Runway. Even hubby watches. I asked him if he discusses it at work... He doesn't ;-)

    After the finale, I'll have to get my fix by watching the first few seasons from netflix. Life was so much easier before we had cable and got hooked on these shows. Sigh.

  2. I love Project Runway, too! It's my frivilous (um, not sure how to spell that) indulgence. I can relate with you about loving your children, but still going crazy sometimes! Oh-I love crunching on ice, especially when I'm in my third trimester (for some reason!).

  3. I may have to steal this idea also. I like the insight into you thoughts and day!

    I'm not so much a Project Runway fan myself, but I am looking forward to the upcoming new season of Top Chef!


  4. Great insight, and I love soulemama, too!

  5. Mama's giving you the quilt!!! I can't believe it!! :)