Sunday, July 13, 2008


It is so very strange how this blogosphere unites us. I feel that I have some very good friends, all over the world, that share ideals and thoughts and beliefs...and yet, I have never met them face to face. When I met Sara, earlier this spring, it was a surreal experience, almost like meeting a celebrity. For a year, I had faithfully been reading her blogs (live lightly, happy foody, walk slowly live wildly), seeing pictures, and she already felt like a good friend.

Then, one day I was reading one of my very favorite blogs, High Desert Home, when Susan mentioned her good friend, Laura A., in New York. As I perused her blog, I read something about listening to her pastor, Scott Sauls, preach! Come again, did you say SCOTT SAULS? As in my brother-in-law, who is a pastor at Redeemer Pres in New York? Turns out, not only was she talking about my brother-in-law, but they know each other, and are in the same small group (which is quite surprising, considering the church has about 8,000 members!).

Then yesterday, a really crazy thing happened. I was reading a blog, following link after link, you know, the way that often happens...when I stumble onto this great blog written by a mother of four in New York. She also said something about Redeemer. I emailed her last night, asking if she knew my brother-in-law. She emailed me back this morning, saying that she and my sister-in-law are in the same mother's group at church. The really crazy part is this: My hubby and my oldest child, Caedmon, are in New York right now, visiting Scott and family. This afternoon, my sister-in-law took Caedmon and her children to a party, hosted by the woman that writes the blog I found yesterday! It is a small, crazy world, isn't it?

And, check out this post from above said new-to-me blog...I loved reading this post, and have reread the last two paragraphs several times. I visited Redeemer once, several years ago, and remember seeing the congregation melting back into the city, and being struck by it...she captures it beautifully.


  1. Kari Jo has a way with words, doesn't she? Inspiring.
    i had no idea your brother in law was a pastor at Redeemer!! We have good friends that go there.
    I love the diverse population here in NY.
    now....when are you going to visit me???!!!

  2. And I have more than one sermon on CD by your brother-in-law, Laurel! :-) How funny.

    Susan L

  3. Hi, Laurel! I thought that was your husband and son I saw in the pew on Sunday next to Patti. I remembered that you said you might be in NYC, so I was looking for you. I didn't go to the party, though most of my friends were there.

    It's a small world, though if you really think about it, Redeemer has a strong gravitational pull for Christians in the city, so that might explain some of the multiple coincidences. And Redeemerites with children (the congregation is still about 80% single) tend to know each other.

    Depending on where you live in south Georgia, I might even know a few of your friends there, too! (One of my best friends from the past lives near Bainbridge.)

    Hope your husband is having a nice visit!

  4. Anonymous1:21 AM

    it IS a small world, after all.