Wednesday, July 09, 2008

1. spots of happiness, 2. Master Bedroom, 3. Bedside flowers, 4. Glimpse of the bathroom..., 5. daffodils in the boys room, 6. Azaleas, 7. Spring in south GA means Azaleas!, 8. azaleas on a windowsill, 9. Corner of my bedroom, 10. Back porch, 11. Children's table, 12. Dinner, al fresco, 13. Bookshelf in the morning, 14. Stairs BEFORE, 15. Rearranged China cabinet, 16. Out the Dining room window
(couldn't get the pictures to upload and am too tired to figure it out tonight. Wanna share pictures of your home? It is always fun to take a virtual tour of the places that people live!)


  1. I LOVE your bathroom!!! And your stairs look great! That must feel so good. Your home is just lovely.

  2. Loved your pictures! It is so fun to see other people's homes and get ideas. Do you and your mom ever want to get away for a while and come visit? I could use some pointers on this go green and vegertarian stuff and it'd be so fun to catch up the 4 of us! Your mom, my mom, you, and me!

  3. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Will you post a photo of the outside of your home? It's so lovely looking.

  4. This was great fun, Laurel! I love how relaxing and simple-lovely everything is. The bathroom photo was particularly striking in that way, but I really liked everything in your house! If I had a camera or pictures on hand, I post a few togethe in one place like this, but that will have to wait.

    Susan L

  5. Anonymous10:10 AM

    The pink flower by the sink is really beautiful!