Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I am still in a vacation state of mind, and have been keeping up with only the bare essentials around the house. As such, I am thinking more in bullet points than paragraphs tonight. I hope you don't mind.

-I am enjoying Susan's lists so much. I am a list making kind of girl. And Susan has really good lists. Check it.

-A new nightly ritual this week has been curling up in bed with a big stack of cookbooks from the library. I am enjoying this one and this one very much.

-Today I have been contemplating the meaning of HOME. After standing next to yet another family friend (the second in six months!), watching as their home was reduced to a pile of smouldering ashes, the elements of home takes on a new dimension. How does one lose a lifetime of memories and comforts in just a few hours? How does it feel to suddenly become so unmoored? How do you best reach out to someone when it happens to them? What do they need most? And, when it comes down to it, what are the really important elements in a home? My friend was positive, even cheerful about losing the furniture, the appliances, the clothes. But realizing the sampler, that she had spent a year cross stitching for her soon-to-be husband over twenty four years ago, had burned, brought her to tears.

-I realized (again!) that baby steps can make a big impact over time. Only fifteen minutes spent working in my square foot gardens today helped me catch up with the weeds and add four new tomato plants. Doing this at dusk, after the children were in bed, was very relaxing.

-Blueberries, picked in the rain, are even sweeter than usual. I am in love with summer.

-I am signing up to receive a weekly box of produce. I am excited about the surprise of seeing what the box holds each week, then finding new recipes to use them in.

-Tomorrow I am making this as my contribution to the family dinner at my parents. Balsamic vinegar and cherries? My curiosity is peaked!

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  1. i am enjoying susan's lists so much too...she is a real treasure!

    i gasped when i read about your second! friend losing her home....i can't even imagine. it is so important to be thankful every single day, isn't it?

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  3. Oh, those blueberries look lovely! I am also enjoying Susan's lists and the peaceful evenings in the garden. So sorry to hear about your friends and their loss. May He provide. Comfort, strength and hope to rise above the ashes.

  4. I think vacation does cause bulleted thoughts. Here's mine:

    -Bryan called to let us know about the fire...unbelievable.

    -Steph keeps telling me how much I am missing out by not buying those produce boxes. I really have been putting it off forever, but I think my time has come also.

    -The only thing I have been anxious about while vacationing this week is getting back to my blueberries - they were starting to show their goodness just before we left (the birds noticed it too). They are so delicious right after a rain. I literally go out in my backyard and pick my breakfast sometimes...sun warmed blueberries with early morning dew.

    -Have you had balsamic vinegar and strawberries - yum, yum!

  5. Well, I'm off for my vacation in a few hours!! Maybe I'll come back with some bulletined lists, too. I always love peaking into your mind. You are always so thought provoking to me. You are wise beyond your years young lady! :)

  6. Mmm, I've seen you over at Susan's too, and I just love her. Cookbooks have been ordered from MY library now, :) and I'm thinking of blueberries too! Yum!

  7. Well, Laurel, I happen to like *your* list ("bullet points", too, as always. Baby steps, yes. I did almost the same thing in my herb garden yesterday. I got more done than I thought I would, enjoyed myself, and felt good about making some progress. Still jealous of your blueberries... and the cherry recipe will be great. (Let us know.)