Friday, June 06, 2008


We are headed back to Fripp Island tomorrow for another week at the beach and I am packing a little differently than I did for our trip last month.

-Fewer clothes. I am bringing two pairs of shorts and two shirts for each boy, plus swim trunks. Or maybe shorts that can double as swim trunks. For myself, two simple dresses, and two pairs of shorts and shirts. And a swim suit. Tennis shoes and flip flops.

-Fewer toiletries. No flat iron, hair dryer, or three types of lotion. I am taking a 2-n-1 shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, hairbrush, toothbrush/toothpaste. I am toying with leaving my make up bag behind. I didn't wear any makeup the last time we came.

-Fewer books. Sad as it is, I just didn't get to read much the last time. Just a few chapters in Gift from the Sea. With three little children to watch and chase, there isn't much leisure reading on the beach. But, because I am the eternal optimist, I am taking Gift from the Sea (it just feels wrong not to take it on a beach vacation!), Eat. Pray. Love. by Elizabeth Gilbert (I resisted this book for a while because it just seemed like such a cliche to read...I mean, come on, it's an Oprah Book (!) but it is GREAT. I really like it, though I think her theology is waaaaay off), and the fifth Outlander Book by Diana Gabaldon (there are no words to tell how unbelievably incredible these books are. Seriously. No words. You should just take my word that they will knock your socks off and go pick it up for cheap from Don't get it from the library. You will want to keep it. Trust me.).

-Less food. We took waaaaay too much food last time. As I am (poorly attempting) a 30 day raw food challenge, I will be bringing lots of salad fixings and fresh fruit. I will also be preparing 3 dinners, which are vegetarian (but not raw) and I have put together beforehand and stuck in the freezer.

-More books and toys for the kids. I am bringing a small blowup pool to put on the deck for the babies, plus balls, shovels, buckets, squirt guns, bubbles, etc. Lots of fun outdoor things for the kids.

-More games for the adults. I am hoping to borrow Imagine If! which is really fun.

-More popsicles!

-I am leaving home any agenda or preconceived ideas of how a great vacation should be. With 3 adults, 2 teenage babysitters, a five year old, 3 two year olds, and 3 babies one and under, it is going to be wild and loud and crazy most of the time. Having low expectations and LOVING WHAT IS will ensure a great, happy vacation.


  1. ah yes, low expectations are usually the key to high contentment levels =) Enjoy!

  2. I'm jealous!! Have a great week!

  3. Your last sentence says it all! Thank you for your perspective!

    Gotta check out the Outlander books -- you're the second person I've heard about them from.

  4. Oooh what I wouldn't give to be somewhere WARM right now! It's soooo freezing cold on the west coast. Fifties and rainy...and has been for the past couple of weeks. Boo hoooo!! Send some sun my way. I'll be thinking of you. I read Eat.Pray.Love. on the beach when we were in Carpinteria, CA (sighs loudly and longs to return...)