Sunday, April 06, 2008

UPDATE: Thank you everyone, so so much, for your generosity! Friends near and far have loaned me, and some have even given me, books on my wishlist. I am now able to read at least half of the books on my list without having to buy them. What a blessing! Thank you so much! And please, let me return the favor! If I have something you would like to borrow, just let me know!
In the spirit of frugality, generosity, and no-shopping April, I thought I would ask a little favor of those in close proximity to me. This is my amazon wishlist. This is a list of some books that I would like to own, but many that I would just like to read. If you own any of these books, would you mind letting me borrow your copy(ies)? I will return it/them in the same condition in which I borrowed them, and would be oh, so grateful!

Just this week, two of the books on my wish list were loaned to me. My mother loaned me What is a Family by Edith Schaeffer, which I have wanted to read for quite a while, and my friend Teresa (and former owner of my little cottage in the woods) very kindly loaned me two of the books from the Not So Big House series, which I have enjoyed SOOO much!! Thank you both for your generosity!

Also, if you have a wish list, please send it to me, and if I have any of the books on it, I will be happy to lend them to you as well! I would love to participate in communal living on a regular basis, sharing resources, time, and energy. I know that isn't a realistic lifestyle option for most people, but I think we can recreate it, in a way that makes sense for us. I enjoy living in community in many areas of life: our church family, my extended family being in the same town, and even spending days with my friends and their children. Sharing of resources is one thing that I would love to do. I am wiling to go beyond books too!

What do you think of this idea? Do you like the idea of shared resources, or are you more guarded with your possessions? If you do like the idea, what sorts of things would you like to lend (or borrow)? What ways do you do this already? Is it easy and natural for you, or do you struggle to be generous with your belongings?

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  1. Just wanted to take a peek at your wish list, and I am sorry to say that I have nothing to offer you. Sammy, does, however, have stacks upon stacks of theological books if you ever so desire. In fact, I thought the picture at the top of your post was his night stand!
    Anyway, I was going to say that, as children, my siblings and I owned Miss Suzy, but it has now been reduced to only the cover. We loved that book. Happy book borrowing!---Alyssa

  2. I don't have that exact book on junk style, but I do have another that you may enjoy. Also I have the Daring Book for Boys and you are welcome to borrow it if you can find what box it's in. Books are one of the many things yet to be unpacked!!

  3. debbie bailey9:41 AM

    I like to share if people would return things when they're finished with them! Sad to say, most people don't. That makes me hesitant to share things with others. Should I be willing to lose things in this way? Probably. I know I'm too attached to my "things". What about the saying "Neither a borrower nor a lender be?"

  4. Teresa9:49 AM

    Laurel, remind me to give you the other Not so Big books on Saturday. Glad you're enjoying them. The series has really inspired our home design dreams, and made us more discerning--and responsible--in our remodeling efforts.

  5. Teresa9:52 AM

    Oh, and while I don't have any of the books on your wish list (besides the Not so Bigs), you're welcome to peruse our bookshelves. I think you'd like Diane Ackerman. I've read / listened to a couple of books by Barbara Kingsolver, and would love to read more--got any?

  6. Anonymous2:25 PM

    I don't have any good books to share. But, I do love this idea! Communial living is super, especially on our budget. We are swapping our house with a family from France this summer -- that's communial don't you think? Until that time we are on a TIGHT budget!If I have any thing to share with you let me know-- it's yours!

  7. Laurel,
    You have an awesome wish list! I need to go make mine.
    I have "Garbage Land" which I bought at a library sale. I will send it to you and you can have it. Email me your address:

  8. i LOVE sharing!! :) I have been wanting to read "What is a Family" for YEARS!! I love "The Hidden Art of Homemaking"...I'll go take a peek at your wishlist!! Can you mail me your claw foot tub?!?! :)

  9. i have 5 of the those books!!! :) I can totally let you borrow both Karen Andreola books (they are some of my faves!) I just bought/read "the creative family" and can send that after I enjoy it a bit longer. I can't part with bend-the-rules sewing since I am using it constantly. I can also mail you Velvet Elvis along with the Karen Andreola books!
    The Helen Nearing books I got from our local library along with several others you mentioned.
    email me your address:

  10. Anonymous9:49 PM

    are you doing the green shakes? how is the variety?

  11. debbie bailey10:23 PM

    I have both of those Tasha Tudor books.

  12. I can only HIGHLY recommend "A Time to Keep" as a book to mimic throughout each month. It's precious and beautiful and simple, and one of our favorites! And Velvet Elvis you should get right away!

  13. My book wishlist: