Saturday, April 05, 2008


Becky, at Boys Rule my Life, has tagged me, and since I didn't cooperate the last time she tagged me, I thought this time I should play along. :)

The Rules:
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1. When dreaming of being a mother, in college and when first married, I always pictured boys. Usually, I thought of middle school boys, playing baseball, eating big bowls of spaghetti, etc. I never envisioned small children, and never girls. Interesting, since I now have three boys.

2. Speaking of children, the hubby and I are in the beginning stages of adopting a child. Most likely a minority child, and possibly siblings, if the need is there. We have been praying and talking about this for several years, and are ready to move forward. Exciting and scary!

3. The day I delivered my second son, I was 100 pounds heavier than when I graduated from high school, six years earlier. You could say I pack on the pounds when I am pregnant. I am working on losing the last 30 now...

4. I was home schooled until the middle of ninth grade. I will be home schooling my children this fall. I am very excited about it.

4. I love foreign languages. I especially love latin and italian. So beautiful.

5. Since the hubby and I have been married, we have lived in 6 homes, had 15 cars, 5 jobs, and 3 children. Hopefully, we are going to stick with those numbers. I LOVE our house, have a minivan that holds all the kidlets, with room to grow. And the hubby has a job that is great and he just bought a 1981 Mercedes Diesel to run on veggie oil. Maybe we can practice some contentment :)

6. The hubby and I have had a date night every Monday for the last six years, except for the times that I have been in the hospital, giving birth. It is the highlight of my week and I highly recommend it!

7. Sometimes I feel guilty for being so happy. It doesn't seem fair that I have such a wonderful life. Just being an American, with the freedoms I enjoy, is a huge privilege.

I tag anyone on my blog list who is willing to play along. Let me know, so I can link to you!


  1. yay for adoption! i'm so glad ya'll are starting the process. what orginization are ya'll using?

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  3. Wow... adoption! It's been a while since I've heard you talk about it. Good for you guys! (I guess that way no one has to put up with a grouchy pregnant Laurel? LOL!) I am so excited for you guys! WOW!

    Ok, y'all need to cool it on the cars. just so ya know. :)

    thanks for playing tag!

  4. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Hooray for the adoption! You really are my blogosphere twin. Brian and I home to do this, too. And, we prefer a minority child. You are so awesome!