Saturday, February 17, 2007

I am soooo ready for springtime and summer. I don't know why I want it to get here so bad, I mean, it isn't as if we ever really had a winter. This year though, I am getting impatient. Maybe it is because I have two rowdy boys that are chomping at the bit to spend every moment of daylight outside. I am very excited to spend our first spring in this house. It is going to be fabulous. There are screened doors on every porch, and of course, the screened in porch that runs the whole length of the back of the house.
I am trying to not over-fantasize spring and summer this year because realistically, I probably won't do even half of what I want, with the immenent arrival of baby #3.
I do want to plant red climbing roses along the white fence in front of our house. And perhaps another rose climbing over matt's man shed?
I want potted herbs going up all the steps to my kitchen porch.
I want to cook fabulous summer food with fresh veggies. Last night I made a great Martha Stewart recipe that would be perfect for summer. Shrimp baked with cherry tomatoes, mint, onions, garlic, and feta cheese. Served over orzo. Yum.
I can't wait to sit on the screened in porch with the fans going above me, watching the boys playing below me in the yard. Making homemade icecream (last week, I made sorbet in the ice cream maker, and it turned out great!). Catching fireflies. Swimming. Corn on the cob. Sparklers. The smell of fresh cut grass.
I want to put up a clothes line somewhere in the backyard too. I looooove the smell of clean sheets that have hung out to dry. I think that is the only way you can actually smell the sun. Something about linens hanging in the sun is just so fabulous. Just don't hang the tidy whities. That isn't fabulous. :)
I can't wait to throw open all my windows and let some FRESH AIR into this house. I will probably only be able to do that for a month or two, but it will be great while it lasts.
Usually in the spring and summer, Mom and I can lots of Jelly. I usually make pasta sauce, and mom makes green beans. I don't know how much of that I will get to this year, but I am not going to stress about it.
Caed has been asking about going to the waterpark ever since it closed at the end of last summer, so I know he will be excited to go there again.
Next year, when I am skinny (haha), I want to wear really cute summer dresses with flip flops and ballet flats. You know, like the ones you see in Anthropologie and J.Crew. That you can wear at home and be comfy, but still run out to have lunch or do errands without having to change. And I am going to have a good tan. I am so pastey!! It is time to up the ante-y on some fabulousness.
Welp, that is all the morning musings from me today. I know, deep, life changing stuff.. LOL
I really am excited though. I am always amazed at how the seasons are just the right length. Just when I am getting tired of one season, it is time for the next one. By the end of next summer, I will be so ready for fall and winter and the holidays and warm snuggle food and fires...but right now, I just want flowers and cotton fabrics and sherbet.


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  2. me too! although as I write this it is snowing on Lkt. Mtn. and I would like one last good snow where we can spend all day playing in it with kids from the youth...... the last snow day I was working :( Anyway, thanks for the talk yesterday. It was great catching up. love you!

  3. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Time to blog again! Mom

  4. i agree with your mom.... and Happy late Birthday! I hope it was great! Maybe you can blog something about what you did and how Baby #3 is doing! love, lydia