Friday, November 17, 2006

Tonight was the rehearsal dinner for Chris and Ava. It was at the Botanical Gardens here in Statesboro and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the botanical gardens, and it was absolutely magical tonight. The whole courtyard was decorated w/ hundreds of white lights, candles, and tiki torches. It looked very festive. It made me really excited about decorating for Christmas. It is amazing how white Christmas lights can transform a ho hum space into this incredible wonderland. I am so excited about being in our little cottage this year and really want to make it festive. I will have to go slow...I just can't justify paying a ton for Christmas lights when I can get them for a song after the holidays are over...but I am going to use what I already have this year and plan what I want to add next year so when it is on sale I can stock up. My house just begs to be decorated with white lights and fresh wreaths and red bows. I want to have a fire burning all season and apple cider on the stove and warm bread in the oven.
I just bought a little "from me to me" the other day...Martha's new Homemade Gifts for the Holidays magazine...all you friends of mine, prepare yourselves. I will be making something fabulous (yet simple and affordable!!) for you out of her magazine. :) If you get the chance, check it out. It is a veritable feast for the senses!!!
Anywho, I hope that if you live nearby, or even if you don't, that you will drop by my little house during the holiday season. I plan on being home and enjoying the holidays. I will have little treats by the door for all my friends that stop by. Don't you just love this season?!!


  1. Hi Laurel...Decorations up yet? Just from your description I know it will be beautiful. And treats at the door? Makes me wish I could stop by! A short visit to your blog will have to suffice!

    Merry Christmas,

  2. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Would you like for me to help you get those "little treats" done? What's a mama for?