Friday, September 08, 2006

Oh, the pressure of writing my first blog!! Hmmm...what to say, what to say...
Well, to cut myself some slack, the reason I decided to start a blog was so that I would become more comfortable with writing and that I would learn to be more articulate. (Thank you, Katy Sammons, for the inspiration!!) So, if this first blog is really bad, please understand that (hopefully) it will only improve...that is the point, after all.
So maybe to warm up (and loosen up) I will start with a list...I am good at lists...a little too good (my lists have lists)...slightly obsessive. I will save that for another post.


1. Developing my relationship w/ Christ, learning practical ways to teach my children biblical truths, learning to be a godly wife

2. Hospitality: Cooking, having friends over, entertaining, being a good listener, having a home that feels warm and welcoming

3. Good friends and family. There is nothing so wonderful as having a friend (or mom) who gets you. Being passionate together about good things is so wonderful

4. Matt (better known as my hunka, hunka burnin' love). Goodness, I love that man :)

5. My sweet, beautiful, wonderful boys. What was my life like before I had children? I don't even remember...or want to...

6. Cooking. I don't mean casseroles. There is nothing that takes the fun out of cooking like making a casserole. Dumping a can of condensed soup in a bowl and mixing it with chicken and topping it with some crushed crackers is NOT cooking. I am talking about chopping and dicing and making home made bread WITHOUT a bread on a soul satisfying level. Playing some fabulous music, drinking a great glass of wine, wearing a happy apron, working in a clean kitchen, cooking something great...Ah, now that is a perfect evening...

7. FALL!!! I love, love, love the fall!!! I love the food of fall (caramel popcorn, chili, apple cider,etc.). I love junkin' in the blue ridge mountains with mom, going to the apple orchard in North GA, the crisp, clean air, pumpkins and nuts and cranberries (oh my!), playing outside in the leaves, warm snuggly clothes, fires in the fireplace, the vague, slightly disconcerting feeling of wanderlust that comes over me...

8. My car...say what you will, I like it!!

9. Caed, bringing me a handful of flowers

10. Our church. I am so, so thankful for our church

11. NPR: National Public Radio...good stuff

12. Smells. Fresh cut grass. Clean laundry. Babies just out of the bath. Coffee. Baking Bread. Fall. Cinnamon and Nutmeg. Christmas trees. Old leather.

13. Common Sense. As my daddy says, "common sense isn't very common" but is sure is nice when someone has it!!

14. Atmosphere. Take the Daily Grind Coffee House, here in town, for example. I don't even drink coffee but I love that place b/c it has such a great atmosphere. So much so, that in college, I BEGGED the owner to give me a job there (even though I already worked 3 jobs and was in school full time) just because I loved the atmosphere. Other places that have great atmosphere...winerys, libraries, bookstores, antique shops, HOME...

15. Music. I love most music but when I am home, I usually listen to Classical and bluegrass

16. Good books...old books, bookstores. Nothing makes a house cozy like lots of books

17. Date night. The secret to a great marriage...well, one of them!

18. Getting up early. Secret to life!

19. Using the "good china" everyday...what are we saving it for, anyway?

20. A handwritten letter

21. Babies that sleep through the night!!

22. Old houses...hardwood floors, subway tile, clawfoot tubs, moulding, shutter dogs, etc.

23. Travel. I'm mostly a home body but there are a few place that can lure me away...Venice, Florence, New York, Williamsburg...

24. Languages. Latin and Italian. I have dabbled a little but would love to learn more

25. Sports. I HATE going to the gym and walking on the treadmill (B-O-R-I-N-G!!). But I love to play soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis, racquetball, etc. b/c it is lots of fun and you get a great workout. I don't get to do it much anymore, since I have little kids, but I am definitely going to keep doing it when I can

26. My boys when they have first woken up and are warm and sleepy and snuggly

27. Clean sheets

28. The art and science of keeping house. Now, before you think I am crazy, I dislike dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc. as much as the next person. But I do like to learn how to do them in a more efficient way. Making my house run like a well oiled machine. It is fun to learn to do what I do in a better way

29. New Urbanism. I love the lifestyle. I love the concept. I love the Little Big House movement. I love anything anti-McMansion

30. Being organized. Making lists. Planning

31. She makes it simple to have a clean , organized, efficient and happy existence

32. My House

33. Living a simple, uncluttered, uncomplicated life


  1. Melissa3:30 PM

    This seems very articulate to me!! I love blogs (gobs better than myspace) - I'll read it (I had one once but my perfectionist tendencies forced me to delete it).

    Oh...I like your car too - don't listen to THEM!!!

  2. Amanda3:38 PM

    Off to a great start!! I like your car too, wagons are where it's at!!

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  4. oh laurel. everything about you that I love so dearly is listed here...

    except those sunshiny eyes you have... that *twinkle twinkle* when you say something witty. I LOVE that about you.

    oh.. and that jet straight hair of your... just stunning. the more I know you the more beautiful you become to me.

  5. Garrett12:02 AM

    That is the most pointlessly extensive blog ever. I like it. It is a beautiful blog. XOXOXO

  6. deborah bailey5:22 PM

    I like it! When your first book comes out, I can say, "I knew her when..." Keep it up. Love, mom

  7. Laruel,

    Great start! What you've written is the type of thing people seem to really like to read. People who read blogs like to hear about real life, so you are right on track.


  8. Wonderful job Laurel. This is why I love and enjoy our conversations so much. You get it, I mean you really get it, the important things...Love-Meg

  9. Katherine11:29 PM

    Did I hear "pointlessly extensive"? I find myself agreeing with your brother, and yes, it was beautiful. Makes me want to simmer some orange peel and cinnamon sticks.

  10. Fun to read your first post, you kindred spirit, you :) :) :) Would love to see some photos of your pretty you photos on Flickr or anywhere??