Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fall is definitely in the air today. I have all my windows thrown open and I love to see the breeze blowing the curtains. My mom keeps the boys for me on Tuesdays so I can get things done and I had intended to go to the gym...but it would be absolutely CRIMINAL of me to run on a treadmill inside while the weather is so beautiful outside. I think I have decided to only keep a gym membership during the summer, when it is too hot to even walk to the mailbox. I think I will take the boys and go walking later this afternoon. They will love to be outside too.
This wonderfully beautiful day has inspired me to bake bread. I started it early this morning (4 am, actually...I was already up...both boys were screaming...I won't even go into why...) and it is in the final stage of rising, almost ready to bake. My favorite part of bread making is the kneading and baking. I love the kneading because it is such a physical, sensual (not in a sexual way, obviously) experience. I don't really know how to put it into words (again, the reason I am blogging...trying to get better at that) but it is just so REAL. Earthy. Simple. I love the baking aspect because it makes my whole house smell like, well, baking bread (duh) but more than that...it makes it smell like a real house. A house that people want to come to and not leave. I remember in high school I always looked forward to coming home from school because it was such a comforting, homey time. Mom would always have something yummy for an afternoon snack. Home made cookies, "apple sauce things", cake, some times just popcorn and chocolate milk...but the smell would hit our noses as we came up the steps...through the screen door. Such a wonderful sensory pleasure. I want my boys to look forward to my little afternoon treats that I make for them. Caed loves to cook with me. Sometimes I just want to tell him that it is too hard, or we don't have enough time, or it won't be any fun b/c truthfully it is much easier to cook on my own. But I am always so thankful for the times that I stop myself, the words sometimes already on my lips, and say instead "grab your stool, I would love for you to help me!". I am always so rewarded and it is always a special time for us together. He loves to mix and pour and then take everyone a bowl of whatever we have made. He takes so much pride in his creation...lately, we have been stuck on making "Caed's world famous caramel popcorn". I always think, what a lucky girl the one that gets Caed will be...to have a husband who can cook!!
And even more often I think, what a blessed mom am I, that I have little boys to teach to be good husbands!!
Tonight, I think we will eat my freshly baked bread, and I will make a big pot of vegetable soup. Soup and fresh bread is soul food at its best. I will put a tablecloth on the table on our screened in porch and we will listen to bluegrass and eat our yummy dinner.
And for dessert...maybe some of that world famous popcorn...

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  1. Lydia3:13 PM

    I'm enjoying the blog. Keep the entries coming. Are you going to visit your grandparents anytime soon? I would love to meet you and go antique shopping again. I love fall as well and am enjoying the cold nights. You make me wish I was a mom :)