Monday, October 25, 2010


I look at these four little boys of mine,
sitting around the dinner table,
or jumping on the furniture,
or in the shower with shampoo mohawks.

And I realize that, someday,
these little boys will be:

I am overwhelmed.
By the task,
and by my love for them.

I remind myself (again) to
pray more
and get on Facebook less.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


October is the busiest month of the year for our family, and though I crave simplicity, it is also my favorite.

Housework and schoolwork have been pared back for the month to just the essential (toilets, laundry, dishes, math, and reading). In their place, we have been enjoying: the parade and fair

A trip to visit family and several friends in NYC, as well as several other trips coming up soon.

My brother, finally back from Iraq, and a proposal to his love!

Running new paths, as I continue to train for my first marathon.

Enjoying delicious food (on my must-make list for fall:

A few more things we are loving right now:

-New neighbors, right across the street, with boys the same ages as ours, that also homeschool! We are thrilled, and our children are outside together, from dawn to dusk. Such a gift.

-Screen doors. When I have to be inside, I am so thankful to let the outside in, with the doors flung open. 

-Woodchuck Hard Cider. Autumn in a bottle.

-Sweater weather.

-The Farmer's market.

-Seasonal foods: roasted vegetables, soups, loaves of fresh bread, cider, apples, granola, pecans...

-Getting from here to there via foot or bike, or at least riding with the windows down.

-Learning through play. Right now my boys are in to writing secret notes in Egyptian Hieroglyphics and playing bingo (my 3 year old has learned to identify so many birds this way!).

-Speaking of learning, my boys (and all the other children in the neighborhood), were thrilled when the fire department showed up at our house (I burned a pot of beans...again...). The firemen were so, so nice, showing the children their gear, talking to them about fire safety, posing for pictures. Aside from feeling horribly guilty that I had wasted these very nice mens' time, it was a fun "field trip" for the boys! And we all got a good laugh when the fireman who was filling out the report asked "ma'am, are you running a day care?" When I looked confused, and said "No, why do you ask?" He said, "there many...BOYS!!" haha :)

What are you loving this season?