Saturday, March 06, 2010

A SEASONAL UNIFORMMy clothing style is pretty simple. I like to wear classic pieces that can mix and match and are appropriate for a variety of activities.

I like to personalize the classic pieces with retro-meets-earthy accessories.

My ideal style is a sort of j.crew meets anthropologie meets sundance.

Also, I want my clothes to move easily from housecleaning to errand running to baseball practice to bible study. I don't want to have to think about what to wear in the morning and I don't want to have to iron before I get dressed.

This is the uniform concept: to have a small wardrobe made up of versatile pieces that you can mix and match to easily put together outfits for every day of the week. To take the time and guess work out of getting dressed. This concept saves time, energy, money, and space.

Here is what I have planned for my summer uniform:
-bathing suit
-1 pair of shorts (dark brown)
-1 pair of running shorts
-2 knee length, cotton skirts (brown, white)
-2 sundresses (one doubling as a beach cover-up)
-2-3 fitted t-shirts, solid colors
-2 dressier shirts (linen or cotton)
-1 pair of linen pants
-1 pair of chacos
-1 pair of simple shoes
-1 pair of ballet flats
-1 pair of running shoes

Out of this list, the only items I don't already own are a sundress and a couple of t-shirts like this or this.

Once I have my basics, I can change my look for the day based on what items I wear together, and what accessories I pair with the outfit.

The uniform concept of dressing supports my main objective of living a simple life that focuses on relationships more than things (not to say that you can not have a simple life if you don't follow this method. I am just sharing what works for me)

In another post, I will share how I am doing this with my children's clothes as well.

Maybe you use the uniform concept too? Or have another system that works well for you?


  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My style is the same--jcrew meets antrho meets sundance!!!!! of course i just try to buy similar pieces from those stores at target, etc.
    thanks so much for this laurel!! inspiring.

  2. i mean i try to buy similar LOOKING pieces from those stores at Target... =)

  3. I wonder how I can apply this to my life? Professional, Mom, fun haver, beach bum... hmmm this one might keep me awake at night... but I love the idea of simplicity in my wardrobe.

  4. LOVE THIS POST!!! So awesome. I wear skirts with solid t's all summer with rainbow flip-flops. I dress it up with nice necklaces. you have inspired me to declutter my shoes and shorts. I bought 5 basic t-shirts at the LOFT outlet at Myrtle Beach and I am thrilled with them. On saturday I am going to ATTACK my master has been perpetually on my to-do list for the last 2 months and now I am going to JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!

  5. i just have to say again how much i love this post...seriously, you have given me the vision i need to pare down.

  6. I love your style. I love this post!

    I'm also a uniform kind of gal- with very few, mostly neutral/solid colored pieces. And I love Chacos. I wear mine all summer long!

  7. This truly speaks to my philosophy! I keep a very simple closet.


    My challenge is stains. No sooner do I get cleaned up to go out than someone spills something on me, touches me with grubby fingers, marks on my shirt (this morning before an appointment.)

    That throws off my whole plan for the week. I do more wash, and I feel like I always need to change my shirt to look presentable.

    Any tips on meshing real life with the ideal wardrobe?

  8. Love this post! This is definitely an area that I need to work on. I still have so many clothes thatI am hanging on to from my pre-preggo days - which was two boys ago! This is also a struggle for me since I do work outside of the house, I feel the constant need to have a varying wardrobe so I won't be caught wearing the same thing everyweek. But then again - what does it matter if I do wear the same things over and over again. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

  9. oh goodness! i posted on this exact thing the other day...i wondered if anyone would get what i was going for...and here you are! saying the same thing (only better!) i love, love, love this approach. yeah!

  10. Laurel, I am again challenged by your desire even in your clothing to go more simplistic! This is a perfect time to do some pairing down. We are going to try to have a yard sale in the next month or so and I really want to go to a more streamlined simple approach to clothing like this! Thanks!

  11. oh, laurel. you really speak to me! we simplified my over indulgent, ridiculously luxurious and trendy (??!?!) closet when we house swapped. i downsized for the trip and to allow space for our visitors. it is the best decision i ever made. it makes my life soooo easy. i never went back to the old way. in fact, we had a huge garage sale last year and my friend gushed at the things i sold for 1.00. but, i was so happy to get rid of it. i have to admit that my friend of old seem quietly disturbed, perhaps bothered. i even received gift certificates to update my closet after whitaker's birth. but honestly, i love it. i like my uniform. more, i like the freedem it permits. i hope you enjoy this change. you look so good in everything that you wear - that you don't really need an extensive closet. as always, i admire your thoughts and your actions and your super fab, super simple life. you are so terrific!!!

  12. I. LOVE. THIS!!! I have WAY too many clothes, and I just moved into a smaller home, with less closet space so I am needing to pare down more. I have already donated away 3 bags of shoes and clothes, but this is inpiring me to do more. I have the problem of trying to buy quantity over quality, I tend to prefer having 20 tshirts or pairs of shoes rather than 1 awesome versatile thing that I wear all of the time. My husband has been working with me on this, and showing me the value of quality. If I could learn how to accessorize better I could probably find a way to dress up tshirts and skirts better and still feel more ladylike when I need to. You are inspiring me. I'd love to hear what you consider your uniform for the other seasons!

  13. Details-I love your list. I'm going to copy you :)

    ps-I have less clothes than my hasband-don't tell anyone but I like it that way.

  14. Anonymous11:13 PM

    I believe in the standard wardrobe too. Although I swap out Chacos for Tevas, Converse for simple shoes and a peep toe, 2" heel sandals I can run in (if i have to). Add black cardi, tan cotton jacket and boyfriend jeans.

  15. Laurel,

    Do you have your fall/winter uniform planned out? I would love to know what you are thinking!