Sunday, February 14, 2010

CHOCOLATEI was never much of a chocolate lover until about six months ago, when Wilder was born. I don't know what happened then, but ever since, I have been a chocolate fanatic. This last month or so, my chocolate obsession was taken to new heights when I discovered this chocolate bar. Whoever first had the idea to put dark chocolate and sea salt together was a food genius. The love of that chocolate bar led to trying this Giada recipe (minus the cinnamon). It had to be made twice, once with dark chocolate and once with semi sweet (research, of course). So, my friend, Ellen came over and we made it together, and then made ourselves sick on it while watching (what else?) Chocolat. Ah, that movie never gets old.
Today, I made a chocolate panini, which I sprinkled with sea salt. It wasn't bad, but I am definitely a bigger fan of just straight chocolate. I mean, when you have good quality dark chocolate, why muddle it up with other ingredients? That's just a personal opinion, of course, and I am no food expert. I'm just a housewife that digs chocolate.

Several comments from this discussion validated my opinion on the dark chocolate-with-sea-salt combo.

And this helpful guide to organic dark chocolate has left me with several different chocolates on my wish list. I am thinking this one might be a little from-me-to-me for my birthday.

What about you? Are you crazy for chocolate? Are you a dark chocolate fan or do you prefer milk chocolate? How dark do you like it? And what's your favorite way to eat it? Straight or in a recipe?


  1. The Giada fudge recipe is very similar to the Pioneer Woman Cooks recipe for truffle filling (the butter & cinnamon are extra). As I rolled the filling into little balls today, I thought that the next time I would spread it out in a pan before chilling and then use little cookie/candy cutters on it. Maybe I'll just make the fudge instead ;)

  2. I like it straight!
    BUT, if you are ever in Atlanta and happen to be at Star Provisions Bakery - check out the Smores cupcake. The bottom has a thick layer of dark chocolate and it is such a lovely balance to the from-scratch marsh-mellow topping that it is the only thing that would change my vote to "in a recipe."

  3. Mmm, Star Provisions Bakery is awesome! I've had macaroons and cookies there. Close to West Egg and Taqueria del Sol... It's a good food area for sure. Yum.

  4. Answer all the above questions with a "Yes"!