Monday, September 07, 2009

A QUIET FRIDAY NIGHTI love that time of night when everyone is sleeping and the house is still. It is some of my best thinking time. And, domestic chores that can seem like drudgery in the daytime, become peaceful meditations when done by the light of a single lamp while the mind is allowed to wander freely without interruption.So I spent my Friday night standing in my laundry room, folding the mountains of clean sheets, shirts, shorts...
And when I was done, I was able to enjoy this rare empty laundry hamper.


  1. Your poetic prose makes me want to come fold laundry!

    I think staying up late just to have some quiet moments doing daily chores is a 'mom thing'. It's one of the few times in the day that we actually have quiet time alone. Of course we pay for it the next day, but sometimes it's worth it.

  2. hugs....
    i love you, Laurel.
    i understand this completely.

  3. You've described this common "mom" experience so lovingly. Thank you.

  4. love the quote on the chalkboard :) :) :)

  5. I know exactly what you mean...right down to the lamp light! It is my favorite time...a very satisfying time :)

  6. You have the loveliest laundry room of anyone I know! However, even such a lovely room wouldn't motivate me to fold laundry in the wee hours. I prefer to read then.

    In fact, I have a ton of laundry I should be folding right now!

  7. i love your laundry room, too!

  8. Laurel, I don't know if you read comments, having lost your "blogging mojo" and all! :-) I miss the fact that you don't post as much as before (not that I've been online much at *all* in recent months). Did I ever tell you congratulations on your precious new one? You are blessed.

    And I promised to let you know when my granddaughter was born. She was. A week ago today on the 3rd. She was 7 lbs 8 oz and 22 inches long. (Very fast, easy labor and delivery.) She is sweet and mellow and precious and adds a nice touch of femininity to a house containing a couple of little macho boys.

    Miss you!