Saturday, June 06, 2009

TODAY FROM THE FARMER'S MARKETI didn't get much today and only spent $12. Plus, the prices had fallen on a lot of the produce, as it is becoming more abundant. People who think that fresh produce is too expensive have obviously never eaten in-season foods in an agricultural area. It is dirt cheap this time of year in south GA.

10 pounds of peaches $9 (they are only $0.50 a pound if you go to the farm and pick yourself. I will probably go in July).
8 ears of corn $1.50
1 onion $0.50
4 squash $1

I admit, I was a little disappointed in the corn this week. It was small to begin with, and once I shucked them, half of the cobs were eaten up with worms. I saw another vendor whose corn looked much bigger and better but I had already purchased this corn. Next week I will probably purchase from the other vendor. For $1.50, I am not going to get too upset about it. The corn that was left was still very good!

Caedmon was interviewed for the local news and his thoughts on the farmer's market were very cute (he said that the sweet corn is what keeps him coming back every week. That, and seeing the chickens and dogs.).

After we left the farmer's market, we made a spontaneous trip to my parent's house where everyone pitched in to pick me at least two days worth of blueberries (1 1/2 gallons) while I stood at the bushes and ate them as fast as I could pick them. :)

I love Saturday mornings.


  1. I whizzed through the market around 9:30, and noticed that I spent a little less and still had bags of food. The beet bunches were bigger, etc.

    We made strawberry freezer jam this morning, and will make ice cream with the last of the strawberries tomorrow. The delicious peaches are going to force me to get another freezer! I'm envisioning cobbler every week until next year! And the first blueberries of the market inspired Steve to get to our lone bush before the birds clear it off.

    Yes indeed, the fruit and veg bounty at the market each week is inspirational.

  2. Oh to live in an area with a decent farmers market! Our local FM is too expensive and not that great. I can't wait to move out of the city! Your veggies look wonderful!

  3. Wow, your Farmer's Market is much less expensive than ours in New Orleans! I'm so impressed! I would have come home with loaded bags if I had that opportunity!

  4. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Hi Laurel,

    Are you talking about the Statesboro Farmer's Market? I sell my soap there sometimes. I'm a friend of Katy Sammons in Vidalia. I may try to go again this Saturday. Not sure if I'll sell or buy. Love the purple and orange carrots there. The kids love them.