Monday, May 04, 2009

Record all the sounds you hear in the course of one hour.

~12:44-1:44 PM, Monday afternoon~
Hum of the fridge
Cartoon on TV
College neighbor next door, starting his massive truck
Squeal of the postman's delivery truck tires
Children's voices
Toy dragging across the floor
Cellphone ringing
Fan whirring
Child screaming
AC blowing
Blind being pulled down
Sound machine
Side of crib being pulled up
Velcro fastening
Trash can, rolling over gravel
Nerd candies, pouring from box
Paper flipping
Wicker creaking
Car doors slamming
Car accelerating
Raindrops falling on leaves, through trees
Pantry door opening, closing
Mailbox, opening, closing
Crunching of ice
Drawers opening and closing
Clothespins snapping
Clothes coming off the line, being shaken, folded
Knocking on front door
Men's voices (Air conditioner repairmen, yay!)
Dishwasher running

I was surprised at how many different sounds I heard, during a relatively quiet time (children's naps). I was also surprised at how little I usually notice...these sounds comprise the background noise of my day. It wasn't until I tried to be aware of the sounds around me that I even noticed them at all.

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  1. Laurel,What a neat post.You never really take the time to stop and listen.We all should.Please keep me in your prayers!Blessings, Faye

  2. I LOVE this, I can't wait to read more of your exercises in awareness, gratiude, creativity etc!

  3. Louise Todd8:33 PM

    Ha, ha. I love the nerd candies being poured from the box... into the mouth or onto the floor?? I'll give the nerds a try; perhaps my kids will stay in their beds better!

  4. Laurel, love the blog! I am now happily following yours. Oh, and I LOVE your house. It is beautiful...personal favorite part: kitchen cabinets. TDF (to die for) Thanks for having us over last night!