Tuesday, November 04, 2008

COZY DAY (This picture really has nothing to do with this post. It was just the only picture I could find on my computer that really said "cozy" to me. I must figure out how to download pictures with my new camera!)

I have been refocusing my efforts on HOME this week. Deep cleaning, room by room, decluttering (toys, clothes, cleaning supplies and more), cooking, and just generally making the house cozy and homey and pleasant.

Monday was cool and rainy. The perfect day to spend at home. I spent the morning cleaning. With three small boys underfoot, my cleaning usually seems to be one step forward, three steps back. After several hours of steady work, with no visible progress, I decided it was time for a break.

I turned on a cartoon for the boys and headed into the kitchen for a few moments of mommy R & R. I pulled out my favorite cast iron skillet and a wooden spoon. Into the skillet went

new potatoes, from my grandparents garden
large pieces of fresh local carrots
whole cloves of garlic
wedges of onion
a handful of cherry tomatoes, from my garden
a few pieces of celery
a sprig of rosemary, from my yard
a generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
Sea Salt (I love the sensory pleasure of picking up the small olive wood bowl from the stove, filled with sea salt and taking a large pinch in my fingers, sprinkling it slowly over the food)
Several twists on the pepper mill

There is nothing like a bowl of roasted fall vegetables on a cold day. With the scents of rosemary and roasting garlic coming from the kitchen, I headed to the couch with hot apple cider (fresh from north GA apples this past week-end) for the boys in their cups...stainless steel sippy cup for Bauer, enamelware camp cups for Landing and Caed, my favorite pottery mug from an artist at Mom's gallery for me. I started a fire, just for the joy of it (it wasn't that cold) and snuggled in front of it on the couch with quilts, cider, boys, and books. Isn't reading in front of a fire one of life's most delicious pleasures?

I love days like this. After weeks of feeling frazzled and short tempered, it feels good to be here and at peace. It is going to be a top priority over these next few weeks to stay at home as much as possible and to make our little corner of the earth the happiest place to be. The holidays are quickly approaching and I want our time to be spent on nurturing our family connections, reading together, talking, making cookies, snuggling, dreaming, playing.

Each season brings its own gifts. I plan to fully embrace and celebrate the wonders of Autumn. And the pleasures of family.


  1. Defnitely cozy!! What kind of camera did you get?

  2. Nothing special. Matt gave Caed (!!!) my digital camera and got me a new one. It seems about the same, except that it doesn't want to let me download pictures onto my computer. I don't even know the brand or anything. He didn't give me the manual either, which is part of the problem. I need to ask him where it is, then maybe I can figure out this picture thing!

  3. Anonymous1:04 PM

    You painted such a cozy picture. There is no place like home.

  4. I Love, Love, Love Cozy Days as well.

    Simplifying has to be my favorite new hobby. It's so freeing and brings a sence of peace.

    Thanks for sharing your cozy day!

  5. Well, Laurel, that is my perfect kind of cosy day! It sounds so wonderful. A long, quiet day at home, doing relaxing, meaningful things with and for and around the family. And your food is making me really, really hungry (it's almost time to cook myself dinner).

    Susan :-)

  6. Anonymous6:40 PM

    You have motivated me. Tomorrow (after twin #1's speech therapy) I am going to get started on clutter free, and cozy!
    Love the blog!!