Thursday, March 27, 2008


I do not yet have pictures of the completed bathroom because the bathroom is still not completed:::sigh:::but it is close. Mostly details. But you know how details "make" a room! Anyway, here are some "in progress" pictures.
This is a "before" picture of the clawfoot tub. It had about four coats of paint on the outside that to be stripped, then cleaned, primed, and repainted.
This is the "after" picture of the tub. Aaaahhh. I have taken two baths in this tub so far and it is bliss!!
This is an "in progress" picture of the shower. I am just going to put this out here: I hate the tile. It is really, really ugly. I wanted subway tile, but it wasn't in the budget. The hubby and I agreed that the shower was his deal, and the rest of the bathroom was my deal. I should have thought about that a little harder before agreeing to those terms! :) But, it is what it is, and at least I am able to have a shower, right? Considering that a large percentage of the world doesn't have running water, it doesn't seem very noble of me to get all up in arms about the color of the tile. But, all that being said, I still don't like the tile. :)
This is the bathroom with the pine planks on the walls. It looks like a sauna here, but when it was painted, I was soooo glad I had used the wood on the walls, instead of sheetrock. I wanted to keep this room pretty simple, and the wood on the walls and floor adds a really nice dimension to the room, without adding a lot of fuss.
Here is the sink, which I just love. The sink basin and faucet were recycled from our old bathroom. I showed our contractor a picture in Cottage Living Magazine of a similar sink base, and he whipped this one out in just a few hours. I think he did a marvelous job. Bonus: almost all the lumber for the sink were scraps from the walls and floor of the bathroom.
Detail of the sink, painted.
Detail of the shower floor.
A little glimpse of the bathroom from the bedroom.


  1. Teresa10:00 PM

    I cannot WAIT to see the bathroom in person. We're trying to figure out where the door is!?! So glad you were able to reuse some elements of the old bathroom. I always loved the sink & faucet too. They replaced a 1975-era Corian integrated sink and countertop with green marbling.

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  3. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. Laurel, I LOVE what I see so far. Especially the painted pine. I will remember that. I love it ALL!!

  5. nicole2:05 PM

    We are about to renovate our bathroom as well and I love the look of the horizontal wood. Is there a special paint you use to prevent moisture damage since a bathroom can get so wet? (At least, our bathroom gets wet due to some splashy little girls).

  6. Hmm. I am not sure what paint we used. I believe we used marine varnish on the floor and sink, to prevent water damage. I am not sure about the walls. The walls were eight inch pine boards, and the floor boards were twelve inch.

  7. Way to go...looks like it is right out of Cottage Living!!

  8. Wow! Y'all are building your own little cottage! I love it, Laurel! I am so glad you have a little piece of heaven right inside your own home.

    I'd love to see pictures of you garden, too. I am so jealous, just so you know... :)